The Good F-Bombs

Posted on May 5, 2011


Don’t let the headline throw you, there is not ever a time that you should say “fuck” on the air!

You should however try to make use of what calls the, “F-Factor,” which stands for friends, fans and followers. The growth of Facebook and Twitter are turning those F-people into a more influential source of information for consumers than traditional advertising.

There are five ways the F-Factor is influencing consumers. Tap into them and you can become an important part of your listener’s decisions about anything and everything.

1) F-Discovery: People are innately curious about what their F-people are doing. They are curious what others are listening to, reading, eating, buying etc. Without being self-indulgent, when you have a great experience share it with your F-People and encourage them to do the same for you.

2) F-Rated: Consumers want trustworthy recommendations and reviews for products they are interested in purchasing. Pick a topic or two that interests a large section of your audience and be the expert. Pick something you enjoy — music, movies, video games, shoes, local restaurants, whatever – and post your opinions. Augment by sharing related stories from other blogs and news sites. 

3) F-Feedback: Solicit questions from your audience about products or services they need or want. Let the rest of the audience provide feedback. Your Facebook page can be a community of F-bombers.

4) F-Together: Shopping online lacks any sort of F-Factor. It’s a solitary pursuit. You can change that. Arrange group outings or remote appearances so your listeners can add the F-factor to their shopping. This plays to one of radio’s biggest strengths; our ability to interact with listeners on-site in the local community.

5) F-Me: More and more consumers are searching for products they can personalize. You can be a part of that trend by showcasing what they create. Put a photo album on your Facebook page and invite listeners to submit pictures of their customized item.

Quick fucking around, start dropping F-bombs; the good ones.

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