Advice for Writers, and Radio Talent Too

Posted on April 27, 2011


I am apparently in the danger zone. According to an article I read most blogs die somewhere around the 120 day mark which is apparently when many bloggers run out of ideas for their particular concept and throw in the towel.

I started this blog last year but only got serious about writing consistently in January. That puts me right at the tipping point and while I have no intention of stopping, I will admit that there are days when finding good content is a challenge. 

So I went looking for advice about how to keep a blog fresh and, not surprisingly, much of the advice I found also applies to being an airtalent.

For example, in a post on the Problogger Blog — yes it’s a blog about being a blogger which I believe would be considered a meta-blog if my Michigan State University communications degree serves me — titled “5 Techniques to Create Raving Loyal Fans,” Brad Branson from the company Lessons in Lifestyle Development, makes these suggestions:

Use Emotion in Your Writing: He says, “readers want to feel like they know the person writing the articles. It’s about the relationship you create, not the professionalism of your writing.” Same holds true for radio audiences. The most popular hosts build a bond with their audience by sharing real emotion.

Amplify You: Branson suggests successful writers amplify their personalities, the normal parts, the exciting parts AND the idiosyncrasies. The last one is where the vulnerability comes in. Admitting you are a human being that does goofy, slightly embarrassing things as well as hanging back stage with rock stars or having an open line to influential community figures will really build your relationship with the audience. 

Be Consistent: Branson talks about making sure every aspect of your blog, like font, color and picture captions, adds to your “voice.” The same is true of a radio show, both on and off the air. Pick features and benchmarks that fit the personality you want to portray to the audience. Then augment that with the look and feel of your page on the station Web site, your Facebook page, Tweets, live appearances and anything else connected to your brand.

Alright, now leave me alone. I’ve got to try to apply all this good advice to my blog, unless of course you’d like to talk about how to apply it to your show, in which case click here.

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