Beer Tag is Not the New Beer Pong

Posted on April 22, 2011


Leave it to Chicagoans to develop the newest beer-related technology: beer tags.

Beer tags are essentially wine charms for the rest of us. Instead of some snooty, pewter charm wrapped around the stem of a wine glass, beer tags are specially coated, water-resistant paper tags that fit over the neck of a beer bottle.

Just like wine charms, beer tags come in packs with different designs so drinkers can more easily remember which beer is theirs. So far many of the packs have sports themes like the 2011 NBA All-Star pack which has 25 tags, one for each all-star player, and the 2010 Fantasy Football Quarterback pack with one tag for each of the top 16 QB’s.

But the folks at Chicago-based BeerTag also understand another use for their product and that’s where you come in; think bar promotion. According to an article in Springwise, the company’s current goal is, “to make the BeerTag available as a free promotional product to consumers in over 10,000 bars in the U.S. within the next three years.”

Know anyone who might be able to help with that?

Reach out to the company. See if they will provide you with customized beer tags in return for some on-site – and potentially on-air and online — promotion. Combine your name, daypart and station logo with some BeerTag info and voila, instant unique promo item for live appearances.