The Greatest Radio Show Ever Sold

Posted on April 20, 2011


This Friday, “Pom Wonderful Presents the Greatest Movie Ever Sold,” the new Morgan Spurlock documentary film that examines the phenomenon of product placement will be released.

As part of the movie’s debut, the city of Altoona, Pennsylvania agreed to sell Spurlock naming rights  to the city for 60 days beginning April 27. For a mere $25,000 Altoona will take on the full name of the film.

The movie’s release could make product placement and naming rights particularly topical so why not take advantage.

Reach out to Spurlock and offer to sell him the naming rights to your show.

If you can’t get a hold of him put up a budget of $100 and see what listener’s will sell you the naming rights to. I’ll bet you get some interesting suggestions.

Or make some money. Sell the naming rights to different parts of your show. Rename everything and anything  — features, interns, songs — for reasonable prices and donate the proceeds to charity.

And if you have any interest in buying the naming rights to a blog about ideas for airtalent feel free to make an offer.