Actual Scientific Facebook Analysis

Posted on April 14, 2011


Thanks to eMarketer for tipping me off to a new report from Buddy Media, a social-media marketing company that wanted to be able to advise clients on how to most effectively use Facebook for marketing. Instead of guessing about what works like almost everyone else using social media is, the company decided to get some real answers.

They analyzed content posted by 200 of their clients over a two-week period tracking the number of likes and comments the posts garnered and they were kind enough to share some of the results:

Tight and Bright: Just like a good break, shorter posts are better. Posts with 80 characters or less had a 27% higher engagement rate.

Go Long with URL’s: Engagement was three times higher for posts that used complete URL’s instead of shortened links. Even if you are a trusted source, the longer URL is more safety that the site you are linking to is legit.

Weekends Matter: The study says for the entertainment industry weekend posts are very effective. Users are very engaged over the weekend and there is significantly less content being posted by other brands.

Hard Sell Comments, Soft Sell Contests: If you want people to comment or respond, ask for it. Posts that use words like “comment,” “tell us” and “share” garner more action. On the other hand when it comes to contests hard sells like “contest,” and “promotion” are less effective than “events,” “win,” “winner,” and “offer.” 

The complete report has a couple of other interesting factoids and, for your sales team, it has best posting days for other industries including the automotive and financial industries. You can download the report here.