The Streamers are Coming!

Posted on April 13, 2011


With all due respect to Glenn Beck, at the moment I feel a bit like Paul Revere. I just looked up at the window of the Old North Church and saw three lanterns. How did that go again? One if by land, two if by sea, three if by stream.

Two separate research project in the last week have pointed out the stunning growth taking place in online radio listening.

  • The results of a new study commissioned by TargetSpot were released Tuesday that show major digital audio consumers (internet listeners) tuning in up to three hours a day.
  • The recent Edison Media/Arbitron Infinite Dial presentation indicates that nearly 90 million people have listened to online radio in the last month, over half of which are tuning in weekly.

So why do so many station streams still sound awful? I still hear unfilled commercial breaks stuffed with PSA’s that repeat over and over again or worse yet, the dreaded recording, “this station is currently in a commercial break and will return shortly,” which repeats over and over again.

For the sake of your station and your career, take a few hours and listen to your station’s online stream. If it sounds bad talk to the program director. Try to convince him or her to focus on making it better. If the commercial breaks aren’t full, volunteer to create some content that can run during the breaks. It’s a chance for you to be creative and add something fun to your demo and help the station at the same time.

Look, the simple fact is people are listening to your show on your station’s stream. If you want to be sure they are having a positive experience, take some time and monitor it for yourself. Please!