The Perfect April Fool’s Gift: A Cloud Girlfriend

Posted on April 1, 2011


Seems like the radio trades have already had a lot of content focused on how not to get fired on April Fool’s Day. If you need a primer on how to be sure you will still have a job come Monday you can visit for a  for a pretty good piece by Paige Nienaber. If you want more than that check out the Taylor on Radio-Info newsletters from March 23-25.  

I had planned on a similar post but since there’s no need I started looking for an option for anyone who wants to pull together a last-minute April Fool’s bit and think I found it; a new service which will supposedly enable users to create their ideal girlfriend who will virtually exist. She’ll have an active Facebook profile, Twitter account and other interactive social media components so you, and your skeptical friends, can interact with her.

According to David Fuhriman, a financial analyst who claims to be the brains behind the idea, he’s launching the service because it’s easier for guys to attract a girlfriend when they already have one.

I visited the site — okay landing page — which urges anyone who is interested to sign up early because of limited capacity. I registered an email address and a message popped up indicating I’m more likely to get the chance to build my ideal online woman if I invite seven friends to sign up.


So it might be a real service and it might not. I’m really not sure and neither is fellow blogger Eric Mack. I discovered the site through a post on his CNET blog called Crave where he questions whether this could possibly be legitimate.

Frankly, I don’t care.

Sure, it could be an April Fool’s Day joke. Maybe it’s CNET’s April Fool’s Day joke and Mack is in on it. None of that matters. All that really counts is that it could also be yours. Say it’s a new online service from the station or claim to be part of the company’s beta-test process. The site and Twitter account are already live. Do a fake interview with the founder and away you go.

And if you don’t need it for April Fool’s Day, it certainly could be a good phone topic.