I Want a Lap Giraffe

Posted on March 30, 2011


If you have been watching the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament over the last two weekends you have undoubtedly seen this commercial a number of times:

The best part of the spot, by far, is the miniature giraffe working out on the treadmill and eventually cooling down with a towel draped over its neck. However, the commercial is not where the world of mini-giraffes ends.

The agency that created the spot has also rolled out PetiteLapGiraffe.com,  a Web site for a fake farm in Russia that is supposedly breeding lap-giraffes. The site includes a backstory on the farm, profiles of the current family that includes a male and two female mini-giraffes as well as the obligatory giraffe-cam and a place to join the waiting list to get your own.

I’m guessing Paris Hilton was first to sign up.

While I absolutely love the detail and going the extra step to create something truly unique, I do think there is a problem with the spot.

Without watching it again, can you name the company the spot is for? I’ve seen it at least a dozen times during the basketball tourney and I knew it was a television provider. Pressed to take a guess I thought it was Comcast X-Finity.

I honestly believe consumers appreciate the type of clever creativity that went into creating the Sokoblovsky Farms Web site. It’s a nice change from being beat over the head with ads that repeat a phone number five times in 30 seconds.

I also believe it’s important to be sure the message doesn’t get lost along the way.