The Real Reason for Radio

Posted on March 22, 2011


in·teg·ri·ty:  1. adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

Recently, as I was scanning the various radio trade’s email updates, this headline in the Radio & Television Business Report caught my attention; “Broadcaster receives state award for integrity.”

According to the story, KMRY-AM, a nostalgia station in Cedar Rapids, Iowa owned by Sellers Broadcasting won a 2011 Better Business Bureau Integrity Award which is given to companies that operate, “at the pinnacle of ethics, honesty and integrity.”

Commenting on winning the award, Rick Sellers, the president of Sellers Broadcasting, said, “As the licensee of this radio station, I take very seriously the credo the FCC set in motion back in 1934: to ‘serve the public interest, convenience and necessity.’  How we go about adhering to this original broadcaster directive affect both our advertisers AND audience in a positive manner, and I am very gratified that the Better Business Bureau has chosen to award us for these local efforts!”

Let me reiterate the important part, “to serve the public interest, convenience and necessity.” What a great reminder of the reason these are broadcast licenses: to serve the local community. Not to sell spots, drive web traffic, or make prank phone calls. While all of those can be by-products we should all take a lesson from KMRY and Rick Sellers; we are here to serve the public interest first and our self-interest second.

Here endeth the lesson.