It’s Who You Know: The Value of Local Bloggers

Posted on March 21, 2011


Be more local! You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again. Be more local!

Probably the most frustrating suggestion/edict most airtalent face is being told to add more local content to the show. Lucky for you, it’s not as tough as it used to be.

A while back I posted a note about LocaFollow, which can help you find people in your community to follow on Twitter. Now let’s consider another social media resource that can help you find local content; the blogosphere.

I don’t care how small your market is, the Nielsen Blog Pulse tracks more than 158 million blogs including nearly 60,000 new ones launched in the last 24 hours. Someone is writing about your community!

Do some digging. Find those blogs.

Start building a relationship by subscribing to them and reading the posts regularly (just like I’m SURE you do with Talent Free Estimates). Once you have a good feel for the type of content in the blog and the tone of the writing, begin building  a relationship with the writer by commenting on posts. Participate in the conversation but keep your comments short and focused. You aren’t looking for a new forum to sound off; your goal is to build a relationship that results in a stream of local content for your show.

Once you’ve laid the groundwork, reach out to the writer directly. Be professional. Propose the idea of sharing information in return for promotion. When you talk about a piece of information you found on the blog, give it a mention, just like here where I should point out that some of the inspiration for this post came from an iMedia Connection article called How to Start Building Your Brand Ambassador Community.  Believe me, a mention on your show is worth a lot more to the local blogger that my plug for the iMedia folks.

If things go really well you could end up with a new contributor to your show, but at the very least an exploratory foray into the blogosphere should help you meet that daunting challenge of being more local.