The Battle for the Nightstand has Begun

Posted on March 18, 2011


One of the great military lessons of World War II is the adage, never fight a war on two fronts. Experts believe one of Germany’s biggest mistakes was invading Russia, opening up an eastern front while already fighting with other European countries to the west.

Now comes a research study of country radio listeners fielded by Coleman Insights that provides this frightening fact; just as many people use their smart phone to wake them up as use a clock radio. 

So not only is radio looking at a new challenge in the car as streaming and internet access invade the dashboard, but now it appears we are going to have to fight for wake-up duties too.

Then again, I guess with so many people streaming audio at work the future is less like a two-front war and more like a castle under siege. Time to double the guards and bar the gate, the internet heathens are coming.