Be a Friend and I Don’t Mean Facebook

Posted on March 11, 2011


I really thought that with advertising revenue picking up and companies having gone through bankruptcy restructuring we were past the danger zone when it came to cost-cutting layoffs. Apparently I was wrong. On Thursday morning, Tom Taylor reported that Clear Channel has restructured commercial production operations across the company.

He describes the new structure as having production hubs that will dub spots for smaller markets and take on spot production for local clients.  The result: an estimated 60 jobs cut across the company.

If you know someone who got hit, even if it’s a distant relationship or someone you never talk to, reach out. I know! It feels awkward! Do it anyway. Make the call, send an email, post a Facebook message, use smoke signals just do something. 

C’mon, it’s Friday. You aren’t working that hard, heck your reading this, that proves it. Take five minutes and reach out. It really makes a difference and someday it could be you who could use a friend.