Opt-In: The Quit Smoking Club

Posted on March 10, 2011


According to a study published in the medical journal “Health Psychology,” smokers had an easier time quitting when they participated in a program where they received eight text messages a day which monitored craving levels, moods and actual cigarette use.

The theory behind the study is that quitting a habit like smoking is not something that fills every minute of the day Instead, researchers describe it as, “”a war that consists of a series of momentary self-control skirmishes.” That’s why a stream of small reinforcements, like the text messages, can really make a difference.

The report goes on to say that text messages may be a perfect medium for small “tailored interventions,” since most people carry a text enabled phone and the messages cost very little or nothing depending on the person’s plan.

So conceivably you could help your listeners quit smoking, lose weight or achieve other goals by creating a simple text message club.

Listeners would opt-in to receive a series of encouraging messages throughout the day. These can easily be pre-scheduled and include a mix of information, motivational sayings and rewards from advertisers. There could also be special bounce back messages so if a member is having a rough moment they could text a code word like “craving” to the station and a message of support would be immediately sent back to help them. 

If you want to take it further, put together a Facebook page where people could share stories and support each other.  Sponsors could host special events and promotions specially designed for participants.

Talk about building loyalty; imagine your listeners telling their friends about the radio host who helped them quit smoking.