Be Local AND Save Money

Posted on March 4, 2011


Microsoft’s Bing search engine is going to start offering a service that aggregates all the local daily deal services like Groupon, Living Social and others. The site will use an algorithm to help consumers find the most attractive discounts based on popularity of the deal and proximity to the consumer.

Deal of the day programs are hot right now. If you aren’t sure ask Groupon which is in the process of raising $1 billion in investment capital. But, fun as it is to participate, with so many services out there it’s almost become a headache for the average person to keep track of.

That’s where you come in. Why let Bing steal all the fun? You can aggregate the deals simply by subscribing. Pull them together each day with links and post it to your Facebook page, Web site or Twitter feed. Around the time the content posts, make a mention of the best deal that day on the air and tell listeners about how you’ve pulled all the deals together for them. 

Then make it interactive. Invite comments about the deals. Take suggestions for other services or offers. Based on what I know of the psychology of these sites there’s a good chance a community of deal seekers could grow around something that takes you five minutes of cut and paste work each morning.

Once you have some momentum, build even more loyalty by picking a deal that involves doing something social like shooting pool or bowling, and encouraging your listeners to purchase the offer and meet you there at a specific day and time.

In addition to an easy bit of local content for your show there’s one more benefit to this idea; you’ll save a bunch of money by seeing all the good deals going on in your area.