Be A Tourguide From Your Own Studio

Posted on March 3, 2011


The challenge for a radio host, especially one with good pipes and delivery, is to find all the ways possible to make money using your voice. But let’s face it, cracking the field of voiceover work, which seems like a logical extension of what you do, is not easy. I can’t help but wonder, however, if a new company called Broadcastr, which just launched its first beta site, might change that.

The concept of the site is to collect audio clips that can be pinned to locations, sort of like a giant version of the headphones you can rent at museums that provide an oral history of each piece of art while you look at it.

So far the company has collected audio focused on history and tourism with content from the National September 11th Memorial and Musuem, Fodors and Unicef and have pinned it to corresponding locations in New York.

According to an article in the New York Times blog Bits, in the long-term the founders can see their service having application for citizen journalism and entertainment as well as creating an oral history of any city or location.

Of course, to be successful the site will need to make money and that’s when the advertising will creep in. Imagine if their service or others like it start to gain momentum: suddenly every business will want to have an audio entry pinned to their location promoting who they are and what they do. Guess who should be ready to voice those pieces and update them regularly, for  a fee of course? You!