Charlie Sheen’s 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

Posted on February 28, 2011


It’s interesting to see radio’s connection to Charlie Sheen’s very public meltdown that’s taking place. The supposedly clean, though seemingly drug-addled, actor has used two different talk radio programs as his megaphone; Dan Patrick and Alex Jones.

Patrick explained that Sheen had been on his show before so he decided to have his producer reach out. Sheen not only agreed to come on but stipulated that he wanted two full segments which I’m sure Patrick was more than happy to provide. Great work grabbing a topical guest but nothing out of the ordinary. 

Then there’s Sheen’s relationship with Alex Jones. For anyone not familiar with Jones be sure to check out his Website, Mixed in with the tips for limiting your exposure to fluoride in water and ads for survival gear you’ll discover that Jones is a conspiracy theorist who absolutely believes the 9/11 bombing was a plot executed in conjunction with the U.S. government in an effort to take away our freedoms.

Which left me wondering how Sheen wound up on his radio show.

Sheen apparently agrees. That’s how the actor went from spouting off on a national platform like Dan Patrick’s show to Jones who, according to his site, is heard on 60 stations. Want to see more? Check out this page on Prison Planet that details Sheen’s “20 Minutes with the President” the actors full account of a fictitious meeting with President Obama to discuss the alleged inconsistencies of 9/11.

If you don’t want a link to Prison Planet in your browser history, here’s a video where Sheen requests the meeting that never happened.

Keep in mind, Sheen took this stand long before his meltdown, when he was “functional” and working on “Two and a Half Men,” the most popular sit-com on television. The show airs on CBS, an incredibly stodgy and mainstream network, and draws a huge audience including a ton of red-state middle-America type people.

I guess if drug addiction, sex romps with porn stars and multiple divorces isn’t keeping average Americans away, Sheen’s belief that 9/11 was some sort of hoax won’t either.

Just another reminder about how strange the cult of celebrity is in America.

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