Adults Play Kickball, Why Not Four Square

Posted on February 16, 2011


When I was writing yesterday’s post about using the location-based marketing service Foursquare as a tool for radio, I mentioned remembering when four square was a game played on four concrete squares with a red rubber playground ball.

That got me to thinking: there are adult kickball and dodgeball leagues why not a four square league? Or at least a one-off tournament. What a fun trip back in time for your listeners. It could be a great charity event with sponsors and prizes.

It took me no time at all to discover, who describe themselves as a community-oriented sports league and is clearly for four square enthusiasts. Take a look. It seriously could be the promotional Web site for a new Ben Stiller movie.

I’m not poking fun though. The site is great. It includes a list of rules that could surely be adapted for any local event or starting your own league. They even address the controversial question of spinning the ball. There’s also a blog with a post about the upcoming 2011 Four Square World Championships taking place Saturday February 26 at 5:00 p.m. in Bridgeton, Maine.

Maybe this sort of four square is even more appropriate for radio to use than the other, but if I were you I’d surely have people check in on Foursquare when they attended my four square tournament.