Foursquare Tackles the Super Bowl

Posted on February 15, 2011


I remember when four square was a game that involved cement squares and a red rubber playground ball.

Not anymore!

 According to the company over 200,000 people “checked in” to the Super Bowl setting a new record for their most popular location. People checked-in from all 50 states and 125 countries including 13 people from the Vatican.

People who checked in were encouraged to shout “Go Packers!” or “Go Steelers” to receive a special team badge. Just like the game, the Packers won here too. At no time from the moment the venue opened did the terrible towels ever outnumber the Cheeseheads.

It might be time to have people start checking in to your show or possibly a feature. Imagine combining Foursqaure check-ins with the classic “smash it or trash it” feature where listeners vote on whether or not they like a new song. Late last year I noticed a post from fellow recovering radio programmer Scott Sands that had a number of great ideas about how radio could utilize location-based marketing services like Foursquare. Some of my favorites included:

  • Post signage at every remote asking people to check-in from the client location with the “phrase that pays,” select a winner randomly from check-ins.
  • Encourage concert goers to give your station a “shout out” when they check-in from the venue to win instant seat upgrades or some other prize.
  • Encourage listeners to report on businesses they find playing your station when they check-in.
  • Award a grand prize to a listener who checks in from multiple station events during the same week or month.
  • Research all the retail check-in specials in your market and post them on your website.  Advertising Clients can pay to increase their profile on the page.

At the moment location-based marketing is growing in popularity. Explore it! Play with it! Who knows what uses you’ll find?