The Other Valentine’s Day

Posted on February 14, 2011


A local talk show host recently interviewed a guest who essentially implied Valentine’s Day is an anti-male plot executed by women. He maintained that it’s unfair for guys have to buy flowers, candy, gifts etc. for their significant others and not get anything in return.

While that argument is ridiculous on a number of levels it does bring up an interesting point that might be worth examining as a phone topic or a last-minute promotion: the concept that Valentine’s Day can be for men too.

For example, my wife has turned February 14th into a day I look forward to every year. For many years now we have celebrated our love at one of my favorite restaurants; White Castle

Every year on V-day the fast-food chain known for sliders becomes a real restaurant. The stores are decorated with hearts, there are flowers and candles on the tables, actual menus with a special sweetheart combo and actual table service with a wait staff — generally staffers who never have waited tables before which can be very entertaining.

Some years they have snapped complimentary pictures. Last year at the store near our house there was an arch assembled from the cardboard containers they serve the sliders in that provided a nice location for photos.

I’ve seen limousines pull up with couples and groups that were dressed to impress in formal wear along with plenty of people in jeans and sweatshirts. It’s totally kid friendly but the staff seems to look the other way if a bottle of wine suddenly appears.

If it sounds good put it on your calendar for next year because YOU NEED RESERVATIONS!

This can’t be the only male-friendly way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It might be interesting to see if your listeners have other ideas.