Who’s Rallying the Loyal Loopers?

Posted on February 11, 2011


If you don’t already know him, let me introduce you to the original Joey Baggadonuts. He got semi-famous on this television spot that originated in Chicago for WLUP, better known as 97.9 the Loop:

Quirky marketing, back when stations had marketing budgets, and big personalities were the hallmarks of this legendary rock station.

Now with the Loop’s current owners, Emmis Communications, facing financial struggles it’s no secret that the station is for sale. (Full disclosure, I worked at the Loop for Emmis a number of years ago.) What is a secret is who is behind a viral movement to ‘save the Loop,’ by supposedly organizing people in Chicago to buy the station, much like the Green Bay Packers franchise is “owned” by people in Green Bay who bought stock in the team.

There’s a Facebook page you can visit and a cool six minute video to watch. If you give them your email address someone claiming to be Joey Baggadonuts will send you emails about saving the Loop. They even claim to be planning on-site events that will be starting soon.

If this turns out to actuallybe driven by a fan and not some radio-industry type it could be a great testament to the value of having a strong brand. But until whoever is behind the campaign shares more concrete details about his or her plan it seems like a long shot.

By the way, for any radio station that has a marketing budget and wants to investigate using the spot, officially known as “Cuz,” an updated verion is available from Robert Michaelson Inc. You can get more information here.