Find Your Niche

Posted on February 10, 2011


Thanks to my sister Judy for forwarding an article from the Detroit News about the Chicago Auto Show embracing new media. According to the article the organizers of the Chicago Auto Show have added a second press day for bloggers and taste makers from other social media platforms in an effort to help create buzz about the show.

I’m sure my invite is just stuck in my spam folder. I’ll check for it later.

It’s unprecedented for a show like this to embrace new media on an even playing field with more traditional automotive press outlets. While this obviously is more evidence of the growing power of social media and the need for every air talent to make it a part of what they do, that’s not what caught my attention. 

The explanation of why organizers decided to add an extra press day is much more interesting. 

Chicago’s event comes after the December show in Los Angeles which is the first of the new season and the Detroit show in January which naturally dominates most of the major announcements and new product unveilings, like the funky looking  Hyundai Veloster pictured above. That leaves Chicago struggling to find its niche in the world of auto shows.

So organizers decided to put their emphasis on being all about the public and believe embracing social media will help build that reputation. I personally applaud the organizers for realizing that they can’t overthrow Detroit as the crown jewel of auto shows and charting their own course instead.

The same type of thinking can be crucial to the success of an air talent. If the morning show is known for outrageous bits take your show in a different direction or you will sound like a pale imitation. If the midday talk host has really embraced the ideals of the Tea Party movement, find a different angle to make your thoughts about the news stand out.

Be more local, be more tech savvy, be the sports expert… just be something listeners can identify.