An Idea from the High Life Guy

Posted on February 7, 2011


I love the Miller High Life guy. I think it’s a great character and a brilliant way to position that brand. Miller has really done an exceptional job of using the character without abusing the concept and wearing him out.

His  latest mission is focused on the idea that companies are paying millions of dollars to sponsor athletes and actors when they should be sponsoring everyday people — the ones that are the focus of Miller’s ads. So everyone is invited to go to Miller’s Website and sign up to be sponsored.

Surprisingly I found the site and the registration process to be a little bit clunky but that’s not the point here.

This is something every radio host can and should do; make your listeners into stars. There are so many ways to turn on the spotlight and let them enjoy 15 minutes of fame. And you can bet if they are going to be featured on your show they’ll tell their friends to tune in. 

This can be as in-depth or easy as you like. Here’s are some components that can be mixed and matched to create a memorable feature for your show:  

Requests: This is the easiest and cheapest way to spotlight a listener. Work with the PD to clear a slot where you can play a couple of songs that are submitted by a listener. Pre-record the person introducing their songs so they are the star. 

Web site and Facebook: Feature a listeners picture on your web and Facebook pages. Post status updates about  them, tweet about them, make them famous for the day.

Swag: Give the featured person a special t-shirt, magnet or bumper sticker to commemorate their big day. This type of feature is easily sponsored so maybe sales can help with the merch costs.

Studio Visits: Fred Jacobs of Jacobs Media always advocated doing station tours. People like seeing where the magic comes from. Invite a group in at the end of your show. Take pictures of them in the studio and post them on your Web site. Then get some trade for pizza and snag some new music that’s not on the air yet to play for them in the conference room. 

Special Assignments: Give listeners the chance to do a weather report, review a concert or some other innocuous thing that you can pre-record and edit so it sounds good.

Birthdays: Facebook has brought birthday wishes to a new level of consciousness. Be sure to send birthday wishes to listeners that are Facebook friends on their day. 

There are hundreds of variations on this theme but what’s important is that its great promotion without any cost. Make your listeners into stars and they’ll reward you with loyalty I promise.