You Are Such a Tease

Posted on February 2, 2011


Anyone who ever was on-air at a station that I programmed inevitably heard my rant about the importance of teasing. Now in the world of PPM, air talent are being asked to not only tease what’s coming up in the next few minutes but often to promote what’s coming up later in the day or on tomorrow’s show.

Unfortunately, from punching around the dial lately, it seems like many airtalent don’t understand the different between teasing what’s coming up and simply giving the listener information. The former can generate anticipation and tune-in, the latter risks tune out.

Here’s a lame example but it explains the difference:

Information: Pearl Jam is up next on WXXX

Tease: The band that helped launch the grunge revolution is up next on WXXX.

I warned you it was a lame example, but it conveys the point.

If you need more examples of good teasing to provide inspiration I can suggest two places to go. The first is your local television news. Generally speaking, local newscasters are geniuses at teasing. The second is the home pages for AOL or Yahoo. They really do a good job of setting up stories on the front page because they want your click-through.

 Here are some examples of teasers from those two sites at the very moment I’m writing this entry:  

  •  “Your New Smartphone is Already a Dinosaur”
  • “The Best Days to Buy Airline Tickets”
  • “Remove Tonsils, Gain Weight?”
  • “Find Jobs before They’re Posted”
  • “6 TV’s with the Most Bang for Your Buck”
  •  “NFL Players Who Went Bankrupt”
  • “Actor Knows the Trick to Selling CD’s”

 If you were to actually read all of these stories you would find several of them aren’t really all that interesting but that doesn’t matter. What’s important is to grab the listener (or reader) and make them want to stick around to hear what you have to say.

Now I’m going back to see what day I should buy airline tickets to get out of Chicago. This blizzard is ridiculous.