A Few Very Unique Ads

Posted on January 28, 2011


Earlier this week in a post titled “Of Bald Dogs and Farting Grooms,” I wrote about Roy Williams, the Wizard of Ads, and his theory of “chaotic ad writing,” which very easily translates to chaotic break prep.

But sometimes it’s hard to think creatively when facing the same challenge, a noon feature or concert promo, day after day.

What sometimes helps me is to see other examples from outside of my immediate world. So without further adieu, here are some really unique advertisements that were posted on a Web site called Hemmy.net.

The first two are creative ad campaigns targeting bus and subway riders. One is for a fitness company the other for a brand of watches:

This ad for a yoga studio is brilliant.

And these last two use creative stickers to grab people’s attention in places they wouldn’t expect to see advertisements like power boxes and vending machines.

There are more including a great ad for coffee on the streets of a big city at Hemmy.net. Take a second and check them out.

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