Facebook in the Bathroom

Posted on January 27, 2011


Photo from Hitcrave.com

We all knew it happens but now it’s out in public. According to a survey by AIS Media, 27% of Americans use their mobile devices to check Facebook while they are in the bathroom.

I found the results of the study in the Advertising Age blog “Adages,” where they have this quote from the CEO of AIS Media Thomas Harpointer, “For businesses and brands, social media offers an opportunity to engage potential customers like never before.” Yeah, while they’re pooping!

There are a ton of ways to approach this with your audience: take a survey of the most popular bathroom apps (it’s not just Facebook people are using in there); ask people to post something on your page while they are in the can, it could be text but pictures would be more fun; or maybe start a social media campaign to promote hand and/or phone washing as a public service.