Just One More Show

Posted on January 20, 2011


Dennis Byrd Photo by Rick Stewart /Allsport

Love them or hate them, the Jets have made a lot of noise on their way to this weekend’s AFC title game against the Steelers. In the midst of all the trash talking before their game with the Patriots there was one touching story; an inspirational speech given to the team by former defensive lineman Dennis Byrd. Once a promising young player, Byrd suffered a broken neck during a game in 1992 ending his career prematurely. Speaking about more than just playing in a game of that magnitude, Byrd talked about the privilege of being able to play at all and what he would give to be on the field for just one more play.

The message resonated.

Asked about a touchdown he scored right before halftime while dragging several Patriots’ defenders with him, wide receiver Braylon Edwards said he kept hearing Bryd’s message during the improbable 15-yard catch and run, “All I can keep hearing in the back of my mind is, ‘I would trade anything for one play.”

Radio can be a very frustrating career. The vagaries of Arbitron ratings and shocking decisions by management can redirect your career seemingly at random. Just like one play ended Bryd’s promising career. So on the days when your show starts to feel like a grind keep Byrd’s message in mind. Do a great show everyday because it’s not just about the big game, it’s about savoring every play.