A Stream of Local Information

Posted on January 13, 2011


I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times: radio’s advantage over many other forms of media can be summed up in three words, local, Local, LOCAL!

I know the challenge though, not everyone lives in New York, Los Angeles or Chicago. It’s a lot harder to be local in small and medium-sized markets. But now there’s a Twitter application that can help no mater what size market you are in. Go to LocaFollow to page through a list of people in your area who are tweeting.

In just five minutes on the site I found the official feeds for all the major sports teams in town, several local columnists I like as well as a few people I’d never heard of but thought were interesting. Be sure to dig down deep. It starts to get interesting once you get past the major corporate accounts to real people.

This could also help you build a group of local experts for your show. Be sure to retweet some of their posts and send them direct messages introducing yourself. Then, when a local story breaks and you need an expert on the subject to come on your show, voila, instant access through the relationship you’ve cultivated 140 characters at a time.