Phone Topic: Steffi Graf Naked for Charity

Posted on January 11, 2011


Retired tennis pro Andre Agassi is passionate about helping others. First there is the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education, a charitable venture aimed at reforming public education. Then there is this video of Agassi at a charity auction of some sort where, attempting to raise as much money as possible, he showed a nude picture of his wife, Steffi Graf, to the highest bidder.

Sports Illustrated Brian Graham sent a tweet about it with video evidence attached and I came across it in a column by ESPN Back Porch Editor Ryan Wilson.

This could be a great phone topic. Here’s a few possible angles:

  • Should he have done that?
  • Is it worth doing to raise money for charity? What if she had no idea he was going to do it?
  • Would you pay $4000 to see Steffi Graf naked?
  • Would you let your significant other show someone a nude picture of you if it resulted in helping people?
  • What celebrities would you pay to see a naked photo of?