Geek Love

Posted on January 7, 2011


Finding geek love can be difficult. Even the most well-adjusted science fiction fans can have a hard time finding someone who measures up to their ideal woman; Carrie Fisher in a metal bikini.

So a recent email newsletter from C2E2, the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo, caught my attention with this subject line, “Are You Ready for C2E2 Speed Dating?”

Intrigued I did a little research on the C2E2 Web site and found this:

Attention, all single C2E2 attendees! Are you tired of looking for love in Alderaan places? Is your love life moving slower than one of George A. Romero’s zombies? Or, frankly, are you tired of going on dates with normal people?

Well, now’s the time you meet someone who shares your passions! The crew that blew the roof off Star Wars Celebration V and rocked New York Comic Con like the party in Zion returns to the convention floor to help terminate your single life! Hosts GiGanakin, DJ WeeZel, The Scout Trooper of Love, The Sith Lord of Romance, Lady Jane, and The All Mighty D-Jean will be making love connections throughout C2E2!

Just like every pot has it’s cover, I guess every Superman has his Lois Lane, every Commander Adama has his President Rosalyn and yes, every Princess Leia has her Han Solo.