A Brave New World

Posted on January 4, 2011


Unless you were working a station event, I’ll bet it’s safe to say that work was the last thing on your mind as the clock ticked down the last hours of 2010. Not so for syndicated and now former Satellite radio host Bubba the Love Sponge. He was in the process of breaking up with Sirius/XM where his show had aired on the Howard Stern channel. Unable to come to terms on a new deal Sirius took all of Bubba’s content off their Web site not long before the ball dropped.

Not wasting anytime Bubba has already announced a new show that will stream on a site called radioio.com. The site, which features 52 channels of streaming music, will need to change its slogan, “It’s All About the Music.”

The first mention of the new show came on a New Year’s Eve tweet which read, “I really am relying on u all 2come 2radio io dot com.I’m scared.But also somewhat relieved. I’m my own boss now!!” Kudos to Bubba for being willing to try new ways to get his content to the audience. Not that an internet stream is revolutionary at this point but going it alone without the resources of a major media company behind him is.

It will be interesting to watch things develop between Bubba and Radioio. So far there isn’t any indication of the site charging to listen to Bubba’s show but they do already have both free and paid subscriptions for the music channels so it wouldn’t be a big leap.

Also worth watching in 2011 will be Adam Carolla’s ongoing podcasting efforts. Here you have another example of a talent thumbing their nose at the big media companies and striking out on their own. If Carolla and Bubba are able to make money with their efforts you may be seeing the birth of a new model for talent of all sorts.

I will be rooting for both of them.