A Face for Radio

Posted on January 3, 2011


Growing up in Detroit I remember a night show called “Pillow Talk” on WNIC, the big AC station in town. It was hosted by a guy named Allan Almond who had a super deep voice that drove women crazy. In order to preserve the illusion his voice created he never appeared in public. No remotes, no picture, no exposure of any kind. That of course led to a great deal of speculation. Is he homely? Overweight? Or possibly was he as good-looking as of the women who swooned at the sound of his voice wanted him to be?

I believe at some point some pictures of Almond eventually surfaced but I honestly don’t remember if he was everything women dreamed of or not. If you want to try to find out it appears he is still doing the show and it’s available on a syndicated basis.

Today you could never do what Almond did; keeping his identity completely secret. In fact, the days of having “a face for radio” are rapidly coming to a close. There are so many ways for fans to interact with you now that it’s more important than ever to consider how you look as well as how you sound.

I’m not saying everyone on the radio needs to look like a model or television star but I do think it’s worth paying attention to as we head into 2011 and media is continuing to become more and more interactive. If you aren’t already, you should be having someone shoot video footage of you both in the studio and outside for your audience to enjoy not to mention the value of public appearances which are more important than ever as marketing for your personal brand.

As trite as it may sound, the start of a new year is as good a time as any to start really taking care of yourself. Ditch the air-personality diet of leftover pizza, vending machine snacks and Red Bull for something healthier and, while you are at it, consider visiting the gym on a semi-regular basis. The new year also means your health and dental coverage resets in case you need any professional help. 

I know a radio career can mean a screwy schedule with appearances, concerts and such but going forward more and more of your job is going to involve all of you, not just your voice. So make sure you take career of your biggest asset; you.

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