Next Fall: Celebrity Fantasy Football

Posted on December 20, 2010


(Scene: It’s 8 PM and I am standing at the front of a classroom in front of a podium while a number of other adults drink coffee and look sheepish.)

Me: My name is Mike and I play Fantasy Football.  It’s been five days since my last waiver wire pick-up.

Assembled Group: Hi Mike

So I’m a bit of a Fantasy Football addict, there’s worse things right? 

Even though the season is winding down I once again found myself combing ESPN’s Web site for a last-minute player that could save the season for Rico’s Raiders (a nod to a certain team of secret agent penguins) when I came across the banner ad for the Alice In Chains & Friends Fantasy Football League.

Now when I hear Alice in Chains I’m more likely to think Layne Staley and heroin addiction then I am Fantasy Football but hey, why not. I clicked on the banner and discovered the AIC league is a pretty cool concept. The players are primarily rockers including Jerry Cantrell and Mike Inez from Alice in Chains, Duff McKagan, Vinne Paul of Hell Yeah and Pantera, Scott Ian of Anthrax, Meatloaf and a couple of sports people playing in a league. Each has donated some autographed items which will be auctioned off at the end of the season with the proceeds going to the winner’s charity.

Here’s an idea it would be easy to duplicate next fall. Gather up a number of local celebrities, hold a draft at a local bar and start a blog that records the ups and downs of the league each week. Maybe team each celebrity up with a listener who shares team manager duties and wins prizes of some sort. There’s a limitless number of ways you could go with this and it doesn’t need to take up much airtime once the season is going. It can live on the Web site.

By the way, if you are a rock fan or are looking for some prizes for a station giveaway you may want to take a look at the Alice in Chains league auction list. There’s a few interesting things and considering this is the first I’ve heard of the league, the auction may not be that hotly contested.