Be Practical: Your Audience Is

Posted on November 16, 2010


Here are some things I learned from a recent Harris Poll on the topic of cost-cutting measures:

1) The infamous Gen-X now ranges in age from 35-44 making the Slacker generation dead center of radio’s most sought after demographic; 25-54 year olds.

2) According to a Marketing Charts breakdown of the poll results the generation that was once stereotyped as lazy and cynical is now very practical. The poll shows members of Generation X are more likely to engage in the two most popular ways to cut costs, buying generic store brands and brown bagging lunch, than any other age group.  X-ers are also more likely than most to cut back on going to the barber/hairdresser, use refillable water containers, stop purchasing morning coffee and cut back on cable or other TV services.

Keep that in mind when you are communicating with your audience. While a simple office lunch giveaway may seem like old hat it is more exciting for your listeners than another turkey sandwich and pretzels from home.

Also remember the attraction of event access. Odds are if your audience is cutting down on eating lunch out they certainly aren’t attending a ton of concerts, sporting events or movies. Don’t just treat free tickets like throw-away items. They are an opportunity to treat your friends, the listeners who are cutting back on spending, to a night out.

You can also help listeners take advantage of community resources they may not be aware of. Keep abreast of fun events in your community cash-strapped listeners can enjoy for little or no cost. Even better, after you’ve told them about what’s happening, show up there and say hello.

Likewise give some thought to talking about or even generating opportunities for stay-at-home activities during your show. Several women I know play Bunco once a week with their friends. It gets them away from the kids and only costs them a bottle of wine. Consider hosting a bunco or other game league. Use your Facebook or Web page to post resources, pictures and results.