Facebook Around the Clock

Posted on November 3, 2010


Facebook is a great tool for communicating with your listeners but just having friends and posting a note about the tickets you are giving away as your show starts isn’t really maximizing the opportunity. If you want to really build listener loyalty your Facebook page needs to be entertaining around the clock.

A recent article in iMedia Connection by Scott Meldrum of Pollin8, a social media marketing company, included several suggestions for keeping your page fresh and interesting throughout the day such as: 

Encourage Participation: Ask your Facebook friends to contribute content. Have picture contests, post polls, ask questions. These are all things people can participate in even when you aren’t on the air. But if they contribute they are more likely to tune in the next day. 

Be Multi-Media: On the air you are limited to your voice for communicating with the audience. Your Facebook page can be so much more; post videos, links to interesting sites, audio, photos and anything else your audience will enjoy.        

Target Your Content: Keep in mind you are using Facebook to cultivate an audience not reminisce with your family or high school friends. Provide content about subjects the listeners will find interesting.

Segment Your Content: Not every post has to appeal to every listener. Some posts can be for certain subsections of your audience.

Be Present: Check in periodically between new posts and join in the conversation. If your fans think you are participating they are more likely to join in. This easy interaction takes only minutes and will strengthen your bond with listeners.

Say Thank You: As you add new friends thank them for joining. If it’s a small trickle send each one a message. If the flow of new adds is too big then post a Thank You note on your wall every few weeks.

Listeners can be fickle and opportunities to build loyalty are not easy to come by. Making a commitment to your Facebook page is one low-maintenance way to build a 24-hour relationship with your audience.