Think Before You Post

Posted on October 19, 2010


Who gets to name new diseases? I want to talk with them about coming up with a name for the disease that causes people to discuss every detail of their life on Facebook or Twitter. How about Self-importancia? Maybe O.S.S. — Over Sharer’s Syndrome? We can’t have a telethon and try to defeat this crippling disease until we name it. 

In the meantime, as with most public figures, radio hosts are engaging in social media to build their brand, their awareness and hopefully their ratings. Now a study by the ad agency DDB Worldwide administered by Opinionway Research shows that people who suffer from over-post-ritis (Fine! I give up! You come up with something better!) run the risk of losing their hard-earned social media connections.

The survey reports that over one-quarter of the respondents who had once “liked” a brand but had later unsubscribed from that group’s Facebook page cited too many postings as the reason they left. Another quarter of the respondents said they left because the information being posted was not interesting which is probably a side-effect of posting too often.

So let this serve as a warning to all those who are using social media platforms to communicate with their audience; be careful of over-posting. Make sure when you tell all your “friends” something it has value and is interesting. If you don’t have anything compelling to say just be quiet or, better yet, ask a question and watch the responses. You just might find something interesting to talk about on your show.