That was Chris Rock with “Bullet Control”

Posted on October 1, 2010


I have a challenge for you. Something to jar your brain just a little bit and possibly help you uncover some new ways to approach the content of your show. 

A new all-comedy network debuted recently. The format is similar to a music station but instead of songs they are playing pieces of comedy routines. In their initial press release the company says their plan, much like with a music station, is to pick the hits and rotate them. Just imagine, a station with core artists like Jerry Seinfeld, Larry the Cable Guy and Dave Chapelle.

The format will include on-air hosts backselling, frontselling, reading promos etc. All the stuff that a music station talent does except wrapped around comedy. So here’s my question: if you were hired as a host for this network what would you do differently?

Would you still try to be funny when you are surrounded by content from professional comedians?

What sort of artist information would be interesting to the audience? There’s not nearly as much juicy gossip about comics as there is about Britney Spears or Lady Gaga.

What else would be different?

I don’t know the answers to those questions but I would love to see yours. Give some thought to it and post your ideas here for others to read and respond to. Maybe the result will be some new ideas that you can use right now.

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