Positive PR and a Free Coaching Session

Posted on August 25, 2010


It drives me crazy that the majority of mainstream press about the radio industry is always negative. For example, the recent Dr. Laura controversy has not only been covered in the L.A. Times but has now made the leap to Comedy Central receiving a rather lengthy treatment by the Daily Show. You see the clip here. If you decide to watch it be sure to hang around for the Palin index, it’s the funniest part.  

On the other hand, the story of Z100/New York host Trey Morgan’s program “30 Deeds in 30 Days” gets one day of trade coverage and seems to slip off the radar. In case you missed the announcement, here is how Morgan describes his upcoming adventure: on the Web site 30deeds30days.com:

Hi, I’m Trey. On September 1st, I will attempt what some might find impossible. I will be giving my time to 30 different charitable organizations over the course of the 30 days in September all while trying to keep my life as normal as possible. I’ll still keep my “day job” as a radio personality in New York City and across the country. I’ve been asked how I came up with this idea and simply put, I have always wanted to volunteer but never found the time or was too overwhelmed by the endless number of organizations. The time is now. I’m calling this adventure “30 Deeds, 30 Days” and I hope you join me in this journey.

What a great idea. It benefits 30 different charities who will not only get a volunteer for the day but also great exposure on a major media outlet. It benefits Morgan both by (hopefully) generating some mainstream press coverage and by exposing him to the members of 30 different charitable organizations who might then be inclined to  sample his show or start to listen longer. If just one of them is carrying a PPM it could have a real ratings impact.

Most importantly, he’s doing something good for the community which I strongly believe we could all stand to do more of.

So I’d like to make an offer to airtalent across the country: I will do a free coaching session with any airtalent who starts a new community service project between now and the end of the year. Just go to the services page at the Talent Mechanic Web site, fill out the getting started form and check the box for this offer. I’ll contact you to get the details of your new volunteer effort and schedule the free session.

Maybe if enough radio people take the time to do something good, collectively we can generate a little bit of positive P.R. for the industry we all care about.